Monday, May 26, 2014

10 days

my due date is ten days away. ten days. i have no idea when or if i will go into labor. when or if my water will break. for now, we wait. wait for the arrival of our son. the fear of the unknown is lingering, but there is also a strong excitement lingering as well. at any moment we could be off to the hospital. off to endure whatever necessary to bring my baby boy into the world. it's so crazy to me how fast this has gone by. for 9 months we've measured our lives in terms of my pregnancy, with nothing planned past june 5th. it seems strange that it is already so close to being over! soon i will no longer feel his hiccups inside of my belly, i'll hear them as i hold him in my arms. i won't feel him suddenly move to one side of my stomach as he stretches, i'll be able to hold him, watch him, kiss him, smell him. i am thrilled. thrilled to look into the eyes of my son and see him look back at me. mine forever and ever.

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