Tuesday, May 27, 2014

happy memorial day!

memorial day was so much fun! we slept in, went to lunch at cafe rio and headed down to balboa island. we decided to park on the island and take the ferry over to the fun zone for balboa bars and walk on the pier. it was the perfect day. the weather was amazing and the company was excellent. it was so nice having time alone with tyler. lately life has just been so busy with work, school, coaching and getting ready for the baby... i wanted tyler all to myself and that's what i got. i loved every single minute.
while we were together i realized, this could be the last date we have before the baby comes. i really have been spoiled having tyler all to myself for the past six and a half years. sometimes i worry what baby boy will do to our relationship. not that i feel like i'll love tyler any less, just that i'll pay attention to the baby more than i should. but i am determined to learn to balance in my new role as mother so that no one feels unloved. i'm sure it will be hard at times, but i don't ever want to get tired of being with my husband. i love him far too much!
i rounded out the day with swimming at my sister's pool, pizza and five crowns while tyler was at practice. everyday could be THE day so for now, i am just soaking up the freedom, the sleep and the sunshine before baby arrives!

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