Monday, July 30, 2012

a maternity session with rachel

over the weekend i did a quick photo session with my dear friend rachel. she is expecting her first baby at the end of august and we couldn't be more excited for her and nate. more of this beautiful lady over here on the photography blog. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

my life in instagram


life has been really full lately, great, but full.
lots of stuff going on with our friends and family.
lots going on with lots of other people that we get to be a part of. exciting, but a little overwhelming.
some highlights from these instagrams...

  • baking zucchini bread made it smell like fall in our cozy apartment. it made me wish i could wear my scarves, cardigans and boots. someday soon hopefully! i still hate dressing for summer. 
  • helping the grochmals re-organize their apartment in preparation for their new arrival. baby braden is coming soon! just a few more weeks. we are so excited for our dear friends to become parents. 
  • fun find from a craft store inspired me to make the cute chalkboard list. i love it. 
  • polaroid from emerson's 1st birthday party. love that he looks like us! kinda gets me really excited for a family photo of us with our own munchkin someday.
  • tyler's sister jessica and her husband mike officially adopted their 4th baby. a girl... baby scarlett jane. so happy for them.
  • matching outfits with tanne (on accident) at the adoption celebration party. 
  • cousin tiffany went to the newport beach california temple to receive her endowments. i love her so dearly and am so proud of her. honestly she is on my top 3 list of the women i want to be like. so kind. never rude and always cheerful. thank you for your continued friendship and example. tiffany you are a dream. i love you to pieces!

Monday, July 23, 2012


you remember emerson, right? as he has grown, i can't even tell you how many people have said "this is what your babies will look like" or "he looks just like tyler when he was a baby". to tell you the truth i wont mind one bit if my baby boy(s) look just like little e. he is just the sweetest little boy and oh so handsome. i feel like these photos of him and tyler together really show just how much they look alike. i mean look at the first photo of them together making their "serious" faces. haha. so cute!

Friday, July 20, 2012

emerson is one

on sunday emerson turned one! luckily he was here from utah to celebrate with us so we had a nice backyard family party for him. it was fun watching the adults fetch candy from the pinata and play silly games like "grunt piggy grunt". what on earth is "grunt piggy grunt"??? well i didn't know what it was either, until sunday that is. it's a brady family game that i was so lucky to be excused from since i was the photographer. phew. so happy we got to spend some much needed quality time with family on a beautiful sunday evening.
happy 1st birthday emerson!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

spending time with emerson

this is our sweet nephew emerson! he just turned one and we love him to pieces. right now he and his mama, tyler's sister julia, are in town for a couple weeks and we love spending time with them. i mean who doesn't like naked babies? this naked baby is so highly favored that he is allowed to sit those bare buns right there on grandma's new carpet. or pretty much where ever he pleases.

thanks for making the trip down jules. we've missed you and little e. we're so happy you're here!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

we went to the zoo

last week we went to the zoo. it was a really hot and humid day and it even rained on us a little bit. but oh what fun it was to watch those sweet babies oooh and aaah at the animals in their habitats. it's such a blessing to me to be so close with my nieces and nephews. i am grateful that i get to spend time with them and watch them learn and see how they develop as they get older. it really is a miracle to watch a baby grow up and see how they progress so quickly. so smart and so witty! i can't wait until they are all talking so i can hear the funny things they say!