Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Last Friday...

I got to baby sit my niece Dylan for the day. Luckily Jessica was there to help me and spend the day with me. It was fun. We took the kids to Tri-City park and walked around, encountered crazy geese and no one fell in the water! I kind of got a feel for what a full time mom's job consists of and let me tell you... it is no walk in the park. No pun intended. After we took the kids home for naps and when they woke up we walked over to the school to play. That is where the Owen kisses came about. What a cutie! We have some pretty good lookin kids in our family! I can't wait to see what our kids look like! Hopefully they are as cute as our nieces and nephews!


In celebration of Tanne and Ray coming home Steph put on a big party. It was so much fun! There was good food, family, friends and swimming. It was a party to be remembered for sure. I am super lucky that Tyler's family is so great. We had so much fun with all the family and friends who were in town. AND Tyler and I both passed our summer classes!!! Thanks Steph and Rob for putting on such a great party. Some of the highlights: watching Owen eat, the chocolate covered fruit and Aunt Paula's home made ice cream sandwiches!

Welcome Home!!!

On August 12th we welcomed home Tyler's cousin Tanne Brady from her mission in Argentina. She left the same day as my cousin Cameron Glassman so that means that Cambo only has 6 months to go before he comes home! The next day we welcomed home Tanne's brother Ray from his mission in Salt Lake! It was a really cool experience to see two family members come home just a day apart. There was a bunch of family in town and we had so much fun visiting with everyone. Then of course there was the Big Brady Blowout Bash that weekend. More details to come...

Sunday, August 9, 2009


On Saturday Tyler and I woke up and said farewell to Amanda and then headed down to Balboa to meet up with our brother in law Mike (who starts his new job here in Costa Mesa on Monday) and his friend John. We ate at the Crab Cooker and then headed down to the Fun Zone for Balboa Bars. It was John's first time and he was impressed! Of course all of us balboa bar "vets" enjoyed ours too. But don't worry Jessica... we didn't enjoy ourselves too much... for your sake! :) (Jessica is Tyler's sister and Mike's wife who is back in seattle preparing/packing the house to move/sell so that she and their 3 boys can make the move to So Cal this week). Even though Jessica is having not such a good time back in Seattle with what I am sure is a very long to do list, Tyler and I are very excited to see her and the boys. And not to worry, once they arrive I am stealing Jess away for some boy free relaxation time. This week Tyler and I both take our finals for our summer courses and Ray and Tanne Brady arrive home from their missions. It is going to be crazy fun! Can't wait to see everyone!!!

A Carter and A Rex

On friday my life long friend Amanda came for a visit from Kansas. We had a fun day filled with in-n-out, campitelli cookies, shopping and the Angel Game with my family. Tyler and I are so happy that she came to visit us. We will miss her. I will miss her. She has been a good friend to me since I was 4. I love her and her family and I am so grateful for her friendship and that we have kept in touch all these years!