Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thank Heaven

To celebrate my wonderful cousin Tiffany's birthday we decided to do a girl cousin night over at her and Kim's house and it was pretty fun. I ate way too much candy and drank way too much soda and I am pretty sure we all talked way too much. But that is what makes girls nights what they are. Too much of a lot of things. :) But the real story is about the 64 oz big gulps. I really wanted to get a big gulp so Tiff and I headed to 711 and found these super duper gulps. I laughed so insanely hard just filling it up! We had to get the super straw too which is about 12 inches long. It was hilarious and all the laughter was definitely worth the stomach ache and increased bladder activity. By the way... I never realized how many soda choices they have at 711. It is outstanding!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Anaheim Boat Show

On friday Tyler, Chase and I went to the Anaheim boat show and we went straight for the big boys. Here are a few shots of us on a 35 footer. It was cool to visualize what we would love to have someday. Tyler and I have some pretty big dreams. We would love to go in on a boat with Chase someday and take sweet vacations up and down the coast. We had a lot of fun lusting after the boats and we're heading to the Newport Beach boat show at the end of the month. We've heard the boats are even bigger in Newport! We're stoked!

Happy Birthday Morgan!

We had a few different gatherings to Celebrate Morgan's 25th Birthday... We had a birthday dinner at my parents home, lunch today with all of the people from work, and on Friday my sister rented a Porsche for him! He loved it. He is a car man so this was probably the best present ever! We sure had fun watching him discover the car... good surprise skills Kimmy!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Where is the one place you can go and act like a total idiot?.......Vegas!

Well I didn't act like an idiot, but I did go to Vegas. The title of the blog is a line from a favorite movie of mine "What Happens in Vegas"--it is amazing. If you haven't seen it--rent it! MY co-worker Pat and I went to Vegas for a day to visit our other co-workers (they are running our Vegas company--SignSource Las Vegas). We got to stay in the Bellagio because of the amazing rates and we got upgraded to a suite for no extra charge! It had three bathrooms (two of which had tvs and telephones in them), a big king size bed, and an amazing view of the lake and the other hotels. For those of you unfamiliar with the Bellagio it is the hotel that all of the guys stand outside of at the end of the Oceans 11 movie. It was amazingly luxurious!!! Anyways... a short trip but definitely worth it! I even took a bath before bed and I didn't even have to bend my legs! I finally found a bath tub I can stretch out in! I am stoked! Here are some photos...

Goodbye Dylan... Happy Birthday Jessica, Ryan and Julia!

Here are a couple pics of Dylan before she left last saturday. She is such a cutie and we will miss her! We are so grateful for our growing family and all of the love that we share. After Judd and Cindy took Ryan and Dylan to the airport Julia, Tyler, Judd, Cindy and I went to Lucille's Barbecue for Dinner in Irvine. It was amazing! All of our meals were scrumptious and the cool blues band even sang Happy Birthday to Julia (her birthday is next week and we won't get to celebrate it with her). It was on Jessica's birthday that we celebrated Julia's and Ryan's was last week. Pretty crazy! luckily we don't have any more birthdays to celebrate for another week or so. haha. Here are some pics of the weekend.