Tuesday, December 31, 2013

16 weeks and a gender

4 months! 16 weeks.

come june i will be outnumbered, we are having a baby boy!

we decided to find out the gender of our baby before our 20 week doctor's appointment. i wanted us to have that moment together, just us. for me, it will be forever engraved on my heart. the first ultrasound was special, but this one was different. we could see his profile, he was moving his little legs and feet, he was moving his arms and he even looked up at us so we could look into his face. i started to tear up. i was amazed. now, he isn't a blob in there, he is a little person! he is MY little person. OUR little person. it's this experience and i'm sure many more to come, that help me realize just how much of a miracle this whole thing really is. i am so grateful and we are both SO excited.

we told our families and friends later that day and have already received a few gifts! to know the gender  makes everything so real. i also feel like time is moving so fast, while also occasionally feeling like it is standing still. before i know it he will be here and we will be parents! of course i have worries about how our life will change once he is here, but i know that we will love each other even more. and i never mind a third wheel on a date with tyler, especially a snuggly little baby!

all in all, we are SO excited for this baby to be progressing and growing. being pregnant is definitely harder on my body than i thought it would be, but every time i feel discouraged i imagine the day i get to look my baby in the face. i wonder what he will look like, what he will be like and how amazing that first meet will be. at the end of each day, my swollen feet are sore and tired and i feel self conscious about my body, but this is temporary, and when this time is over, i will be holding my little baby boy. it is all worth it. it is all for him.

baby boy, we love you so much already, your dad and i cannot wait to meet you and watch you grow up. thanks for coming to our family!

the bump at 16 weeks

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

decorating cookies with brylee

while the clausen family was here for christmas we did a lot of fun stuff. one of my favorites was decorating cookies with brylee. she was so hilarious. too much frosting, eating on the job and pouring sprinkles onto the cookies. i couldn't stop laughing. oh, and she was also very good at sharing. she would take a bite and then share with us. she is such a cutie pie!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

15 weeks

15 weeks. it seems like such a small number. i feel like i have been pregnant for so long. then i remember i still have 6 months to go. some of the weird pregnancy symptoms have subsided. some new ones have popped up. my nausea is just about gone. such a blessing!!!

i'm now proudly wearing maternity pants.
thank you. thank you. thank you.
i have no idea how people go all the way without them. they were worth. every. penny.

my hands and feet are now beginning to bloat. goodie. whenever i wear form fitting shirts tyler loves it. he rubs my belly every chance he gets. it's really precious. i kind of love it.

all in all we feel very very blessed. tyler is doing well in school. he started substituting and loves it. he is also coaching high school and club volleyball. it's all wonderful. he is having fun and learning a lot. i have been really busy with my photography and we've got lots of fun family stuff coming up.

i am feeling extremely grateful for the wonderful blessings we have had poured out upon us. we have also been thinking about how many amazing people we have in our lives. you mean so much to us. so many people love this baby they've never met. we are so lucky.

14 week bump

Monday, December 9, 2013

my favorite time of the year

it's that time again! we are in full swing holiday fun. parties, baking, decorating and gift wrapping. i love this time of year! i love it all. since we are with my parents this year, i decided to get a baby christmas tree for our room. i LOVE it! i also picked up some festive additions in the $1 section.

i can't believe next christmas we will have a chubby little 6 month old baby. i cannot wait!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

fishing in utah

while in utah for thanksgiving we decided to enjoy the great outdoors. we all went to a nearby lake and attempted to catch some fish. i mostly just sat back and enjoyed the view, but the kids had a great time and did better than the adults! it was nice to just spend time together being outside. it was beautiful.

all of the judd rex's at the conclusion of the funeral for uncle wayne
we ended our trip by saying a tearful goodbye to uncle wayne selph. he was so loved by everyone who knew him. the funeral services were beautiful, all of his children spoke and were able to tell their favorite stories of their dad and express their love. i am so grateful to have been able to be there. it was an emotional day, but we also were able to see so many family members that we love.

we love and miss you uncle wayne!!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

rex thanksgiving and an early christmas

this year for thanksgiving the rex family made the trek to utah! it was SO much fun spending time with everyone and watching all the kiddos play. julia and aaron hosted all of us for a beautiful and delicious meal. it was so so so yummy.

later that night, we celebrated christmas early since we wouldn't all be together for the christmas holiday. it was really fun having just our family and being able to see all the kids open their gifts. we sang songs, did the traditional nativity and got spoiled by grandma rex.