Saturday, December 14, 2013

15 weeks

15 weeks. it seems like such a small number. i feel like i have been pregnant for so long. then i remember i still have 6 months to go. some of the weird pregnancy symptoms have subsided. some new ones have popped up. my nausea is just about gone. such a blessing!!!

i'm now proudly wearing maternity pants.
thank you. thank you. thank you.
i have no idea how people go all the way without them. they were worth. every. penny.

my hands and feet are now beginning to bloat. goodie. whenever i wear form fitting shirts tyler loves it. he rubs my belly every chance he gets. it's really precious. i kind of love it.

all in all we feel very very blessed. tyler is doing well in school. he started substituting and loves it. he is also coaching high school and club volleyball. it's all wonderful. he is having fun and learning a lot. i have been really busy with my photography and we've got lots of fun family stuff coming up.

i am feeling extremely grateful for the wonderful blessings we have had poured out upon us. we have also been thinking about how many amazing people we have in our lives. you mean so much to us. so many people love this baby they've never met. we are so lucky.

14 week bump

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