Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve

First came the Pitts House for the Stout Family Christmas Eve celebration...

Then came the Brady Family Christmas Eve Celebration and Nativity Program...

Both houses were loads of fun. As always it is entertaining and joyous when we spend time with our aunts, uncles and cousins. Highlights of the night: Joey's melodious goodness, baby Jared's Santa outfit, Steph's pink tree, feeling baby Dickson kick and the time stopping moment when I realized how lucky I am.

BJs Heaven

This year I arranged the Censource, Inc Christmas party. I decided to hit up BJs pizza because for one the food is great, but they also have an awesome menu & patio for large parties. Everyone loved it. There was unlimited pizza, which for this crowd was a must. Thanks Dad for being a great boss and for a great party.

On another note... my dad finally settled with his ex business partner. If you don't know the story (it's kind of a long one) I will give you a little summary. Basically my Dad went into business with this guy over 10 years ago. We babysat his kids and went out to dinner. They came to weddings and graduation parties. But, money was too tempting for the man and in the position that he was in within the company he had access to it all. He paid his personal bills with company money, paid himself back for loans that he never gave to the company and cheated my dad out of A LOT of money. I now have taken over a lot of what that man used to do. That is the reason why I will probably always do the job that I do. My dad can rest easy knowing that I am honest and hardworking as opposed to his ex partner who was a straight up crook. So after almost 3 long years of debate, lawyer fees, forensic accountants and grief (amongst one of the worst economic downturns in history) it is over. All of us can move on with our lives and focus on the business instead of the man who was trying to tear it to shreds... insert LARGE sigh here.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


When Tyler and I were dating we went to look at Christmas lights with Robbie and Lauren. It has now turned into a tradition and the group has taken on one more, Hyrum. So now, every year I make dinner (this year I made a heavenly pot roast, I'm talking MOIST), we go get hot chocolate from bucks and we look at lights over in Brea. It has been going strong for 4 years now. Pretty crazy. It really doesn't feel like Christmas until we have this little gathering with some of our most precious friends. Lauren and I also exchanged gifts and man did she out do me.

I am getting really lucky with presents so far. Maybe this year I will score royally?

Oh and Lauren made BOMB cookies. She always impresses me.

Round 1

So since Tyler's parents and his sister Jessica are traveling out of state for Christmas we had "Christmas" early. Jessica and Mike made a wonderful meal and we all got to open presents. It was a great time. The nephews loved the Toy Story basketball hoop we got them.

Later that night we checked the mail and more gifts had come from Hawaii! Ryan and Kristen had sent us gifts and Kristen ended up having me for draw names this year. I suppose I could have waited for Christmas morning to open up my presents from her, but once you dangle presents in front of me I just can't control myself. She totally nailed it too... nice job Kris!

So that was of course round one of Christmas. Christmas Eve we will still party hop so that we can visit with cousins. And Christmas day will hopefully be much more enjoyable since we will not be driving back and forth all day.

Friday, December 17, 2010

The DAYBOOK Giveaway

I stumbled on this super cute blog a few weeks ago and she is doing an awesome giveaway! Check it out!

Last giveaway before Christmas! Get it while it's hot!
Winner will be drawn on Wednesday Dec. 22nd so hurry quick!

Got to to get details and to enter!

I want...

While searching for a photo for my last post I stumbled on this little gem...

Seriosuly??? I want this book SO bad!

Some Things Never Change

You know that scene in Sixteen Candles where "Sam" stands in front of the mirror while talking to her friend? Let me refresh your memory...

(Samantha’s Room)

(Samantha, or Sam as she likes to be called, is looking at herself in the mirror. She has her friend Randy on hold on the phone.)

Sam: Chronologically you’re sixteen today. Physically you’re still 15. (sigh) Hopeless. (into phone) Nope, I look exactly the same as I have since summer, utterly forgettable. No, I didn’t expect to wake up transformed. I just thought that turning sixteen would be so major that I would wake up with an improved mental state that would show on my face. All it shows is that I don’t have any sort of a tan left. (sigh) I better get downstairs. My family’s probably pissed off I haven’t let them wish me Happy Birthday yet. All right. I’ll see you at school. (hangs up the phone and looks at herself in the mirror again) You need four inches of bod and a great birthday.

I feel like Sam today. But instead of the whole turning 16 thing it's graduating college. I mean it is just like any other day.

But at least I get to go home with my Jake Ryan... and maybe watch 16 Candles...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Anxiety Prone

Finals are not good for my anxiety prone personality.



1. Distress or uneasiness of mind caused by fear of danger or misfortune:

2. Earnest but tense desire; eagerness:

3. Psychiatry . a state of apprehension and psychic tension occurring in some forms of mental disorde

I'm going with number 2. Thursday cannot come soon enough.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

When you know... know. It was the first tree I saw. It was love at first sight. Thank you Home Depot for providing us with the perfect tree. I was also worried it wouldn't fit in that space. It fit like a glove. I look at it and feel pure joy.

Riley's Farm

My mom arranged a Holiday Dinner for our family at Riley's Farm in Oak Glen. The Dalton family was also there so we got to hang with cousins which is always a good time. Basically we sat in an old barn and watched vignettes from A Christmas Carol while we ate. The acting could have been better, but the food and the company was fantastic.

Best dressed: Molly. I want that outfit... for real.

Merry Christmas!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010


The number of days I have left until I am FINALLY finished with my bachelors. I am sitting at my desk attempting to complete my very extensive homework assignment for epidemiology and at the same time I am kicking myself for zoning out during her lectures over the last couple weeks. There is a phrase that keeps repeating itself over and over in my head "just 10 more days", "just 10 more days", "just 10 more days".

It is like a battle in my head. The lazy me wants to quit. The productive/determined me wants to take the finals right now and just get them over with. Seriously? 10 more days of this? How on earth are you going to do this Amy?

I have no answer to that question. But it will be done.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Giving Thanks

It didn't take too long to get seriously full. We ate at dinner my parents house and then headed to Tyler's sister's house for pie. It was a great day with family & of course way too much eating.

And no, Tyler and I did not intend to match. We have lived together too long I suppose.

My favorite part of the day... watching Owen enjoy his dessert...