Wednesday, December 29, 2010

BJs Heaven

This year I arranged the Censource, Inc Christmas party. I decided to hit up BJs pizza because for one the food is great, but they also have an awesome menu & patio for large parties. Everyone loved it. There was unlimited pizza, which for this crowd was a must. Thanks Dad for being a great boss and for a great party.

On another note... my dad finally settled with his ex business partner. If you don't know the story (it's kind of a long one) I will give you a little summary. Basically my Dad went into business with this guy over 10 years ago. We babysat his kids and went out to dinner. They came to weddings and graduation parties. But, money was too tempting for the man and in the position that he was in within the company he had access to it all. He paid his personal bills with company money, paid himself back for loans that he never gave to the company and cheated my dad out of A LOT of money. I now have taken over a lot of what that man used to do. That is the reason why I will probably always do the job that I do. My dad can rest easy knowing that I am honest and hardworking as opposed to his ex partner who was a straight up crook. So after almost 3 long years of debate, lawyer fees, forensic accountants and grief (amongst one of the worst economic downturns in history) it is over. All of us can move on with our lives and focus on the business instead of the man who was trying to tear it to shreds... insert LARGE sigh here.

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