Friday, December 17, 2010

Some Things Never Change

You know that scene in Sixteen Candles where "Sam" stands in front of the mirror while talking to her friend? Let me refresh your memory...

(Samantha’s Room)

(Samantha, or Sam as she likes to be called, is looking at herself in the mirror. She has her friend Randy on hold on the phone.)

Sam: Chronologically you’re sixteen today. Physically you’re still 15. (sigh) Hopeless. (into phone) Nope, I look exactly the same as I have since summer, utterly forgettable. No, I didn’t expect to wake up transformed. I just thought that turning sixteen would be so major that I would wake up with an improved mental state that would show on my face. All it shows is that I don’t have any sort of a tan left. (sigh) I better get downstairs. My family’s probably pissed off I haven’t let them wish me Happy Birthday yet. All right. I’ll see you at school. (hangs up the phone and looks at herself in the mirror again) You need four inches of bod and a great birthday.

I feel like Sam today. But instead of the whole turning 16 thing it's graduating college. I mean it is just like any other day.

But at least I get to go home with my Jake Ryan... and maybe watch 16 Candles...

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