Wednesday, February 29, 2012

please read the smallest line you can see

i went to the eye doctor yesterday for my annual check-up. he put weird goop in my eye, told me i had a small cataract in my eye that developed when i was just a little fetus and also gave me two free samples of contact lenses. score. i also found out that my eye sight isn't getting any worse as of late, which is nice.
so, now that i have an updated prescription i ordered these beauties from bonlook. and if you scurry on over to rockstar diaries you can snag the coupon code for $10 off!
i can't wait for them to arrive! im SO exicted!

so what is getting me through this lovely wednesday?
-the sweet deal i got on these pretty pretty frames
-yesterday's spin class was amazing. i slept like a rock.
-tiffany came over last night and we painted our nails
-i have tomorrow off
-tomorrow i have a skype date with cousin whitney & baby reese
-tonight i am going to the temple & dinner with my sweetheart and the dicksons

Friday, February 24, 2012

what are you looking for?

sometimes i forget that there is an intricate plan and a grand design that i am a part of. lately, i have been thinking and reflecting a lot about me, tyler, our life and our future. where will life take me? am i making the right choices? what do i need to do to get what i want out of life? are my expectations unrealistic?
needless to say there have been a lot of thoughts running through this brain of mine. but then, i am stopped by a phrase such as this.
i'd say that in general i am a pretty optimistic person. i look forward with hope and faith that if i am doing what is right and working hard at being the best person i can possibly be, that everything will work out. but, i can also get impatient at times. surprise, surprise. so, i'm trying to be more positive and more faithful. i am trying to remember that Heavenly Father has a plan for us and he will never leave us alone. we just need to be patient and continue to make the right decisions and have faith in His timing.

p.s. mr. rex and i both woke up to sore throats this morning... i have a feeling this weekend will include a lot of cuddling on the couch, cough drops and tea. sounds wonderful to me.

Friday, February 17, 2012

on a tuesday

we had a great valentines day. hope yours was great too. we went to dinner, ate at houston's and saw the vow. then we came home and found a new spot for the pretty flowers tyler brought home for me. it was the perfect night.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

all i want is you

tyler, will you be my valentine?

you are kind. 
you are cute. 
you are cuddly.
you are strong. 
you are handsome. 
you are athletic. 
you are smart. 
you are passionate. 
and best of all...
you are mine. 

and you are taking me to my favorite restaurant tonight. i can't wait to eat insane houston's deliciousness whilst i look at your sweet face. i am so happy that i get to kiss your cute lips for the rest of my days. i am so happy that you are my valentine. i love you.

Monday, February 13, 2012


this is what lunch time looked like at my house on thursday.  

i got creative & decided to try something new. a whole grain english muffin, some basil pesto, sliced roma tomatoes and a slice of mozzarella cheese. it was delish. seriously. and healthy.
all items were purchased at trader joes. enjoy.

Friday, February 10, 2012

fruits & veggies

for his birthday my parents gifted tyler this lovely. we are so excited and we have been using it just about every day. we are getting our fruits and veggies in everyday and loving it. this particular smoothie consisted of avocado, grapes, pear, pineapple juice, spinach and broccoli. thanks mom & dad!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


yesterday i was a little under the weather... a little sad & sensitive. tyler went out to run an errand and came back with two of my favorite roses.
that's right people. that just happened.
my husband is a sweetheart. i am so blessed to have him in my life. sometimes life doesn't go the way you planned and we ( i ) need to exercise a little more faith in the bigger picture. maybe someday i will get answers. maybe i wont. either way i have faith that tyler and i can get through or accomplish anything as long as we are doing all we can do and exercising faith in God's plan for us.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

trip of a lifetime

getting there:
we skipped our layover and got to hololulu 3 hours early
we headed to ryan and kristen's to see our nieces before they went off to bed
slept in a super cute room that kristen so lovingly prepared for us
first day:
beach day at bellows
swimming in water i could see through no matter how deep i was
feeling sand that didn't feel like sand. it felt more like flour. 
dinner & live music at kona brewery

second day:
s'mores in the front yard
jacuzzi at the marriott in waikiki

third day:
sailing to the sand bar
eating amazing meat and veggies and pineapple fresh off the grill
octopus at the sandbar (see video that tyler posted on fb)

fourth day:
drive to laie
pipeline with caroline
shaved ice with donnie at turtle bay
lunch with donnie and care
dinner at lulu's

fifth day:
arrive at hotel
jump on the bed
hot tubbing
laying by the pool
hot tubbing
hawaiian shaved ice
hot tubbing
swimming in the ocean
bubble bath
fancy dinner to celebrate ty's birthday and our anniversary

sixth day:
laying by the pool
hot tubbing
playing in the waterfalls
laying on the beach
swimming in the ocean
hot tubbing
hot tubbing with taylor, dylan and ryan
watching the most beautiful sunset i have ever witnessed
taylor and dylan found hermit crabs

seventh day:
hot tubbing
swimming in the waterfalls & pools
sitting in the airport for 3 hours because our flight was delayed

like i said before... it was the most amazing vacation we have ever been on. we are so grateful to ryan and kris and the girls for making the trip so great. we are so glad that we got to spend time with them. we also got some much needed alone time to just laugh and play together. i still can't really believe just how insane this trip was. oahu, you will be sorely missed.