Wednesday, February 29, 2012

please read the smallest line you can see

i went to the eye doctor yesterday for my annual check-up. he put weird goop in my eye, told me i had a small cataract in my eye that developed when i was just a little fetus and also gave me two free samples of contact lenses. score. i also found out that my eye sight isn't getting any worse as of late, which is nice.
so, now that i have an updated prescription i ordered these beauties from bonlook. and if you scurry on over to rockstar diaries you can snag the coupon code for $10 off!
i can't wait for them to arrive! im SO exicted!

so what is getting me through this lovely wednesday?
-the sweet deal i got on these pretty pretty frames
-yesterday's spin class was amazing. i slept like a rock.
-tiffany came over last night and we painted our nails
-i have tomorrow off
-tomorrow i have a skype date with cousin whitney & baby reese
-tonight i am going to the temple & dinner with my sweetheart and the dicksons

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Whit said...

Can't wait for our date! You are the cutest and I love you and love reading your blog. I wish I could be more like YOU!