Friday, March 28, 2014

28 weeks

some days it feels like i have been pregnant forever. other days i feel like this time is flying by much to fast. i am healthy and i feel very blessed to have the ability to grow a human inside of my body.

the most frequent question i get from people is "how are you feeling?" and normally i tell them that sleeping is getting a little trickier with bathroom trips every hour or two. some nights i can make it three hours and it's pretty gratifying, but i feel like it's just god's way of preparing me for when little mister arrives. i'll tell them that my hands and feet are swollen, but it's manageable. and then there's the wake-me-from-my-sleep-heartburn, but thank goodness for zantac 75!

but then every morning i wake up, take my trip to the bathroom and lay back down to check my emails, facebook and instagram. after a minute or two little boy decides to wake up and do his morning stretch. i feel him move as we wake up together. it's kind of my favorite part of the day. we are buddies and i can't wait to see his perfect little face and kiss his cheeks.

so even though this whole pregnancy thing isn't as easy as i thought it would be, i am very grateful for the opportunity to bear a child, a privilege a lot of people don't get in this life. so i try to just laugh about all the silly and weird things that are happening to my body and just soak in this time where i have my son all to myself.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

park day with rex cousins

julia and her cute boys, emerson and calvin, came to visit for a week. it was great to spend time together and to watch all the cousins play. laughing and playing babes and deliciously chubby sleeping babe. it was great!