Monday, January 31, 2011

Something to Remember

Saw Tyler's text book on the desk and decided to take a read. Found this and wanted to remember it. Maybe you'll like it too.

"The best moments usually occur when a person's body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult or worthwhile."

Swish it around for a little while. I know I will.

The White House

On Friday night my parents treated Tyler and I to a lovely dinner at the oh-so-fancy Anaheim White House. It's one of those ritzy places where they give you only one roll at a time (kind of annoying since I usually chow down on the roll basket before dinner comes) and then when you are done with each course they use this little thingie-me-jig to wipe the crumbs from the table. The food was delish and the pics above were taken during dessert.
My parents got there early to let them know that we were celebrating something special... me graduating college. They brought us some bubbly to celebrate... martinelli's. And on my glass there was a little candle to blow out, so I made a wish... I REALLY hope it comes true.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

60 Minutes

After work tonight I went to have dinner with my broskie. He has been cooped up inside for the past few days due to the broken leg (see posts below for details) so the family decided to hit up chipotle to get him out & about.
After dinner (at a HUGE burrito) I decided to hit the gym (yesterday I registered as an alumni & purchased an annual pass to the csuf gym... cuz it is INSANELY amazing). I always have this mental debate as to how long I will stay on the chosen machine. Last night was a spin class (mad hard but totally fun by the way). But treadmill was the torture of choice tonight.
First I told myself... 45 minutes, then I said 50, once I started running I was down to 40, then 45, you catch my drift. But then I went back to 50, but when I got to 50 I was almost to 5 miles, couldn't stop then. So then some dude decided to choose the machine RIGHT next to me AND run at the same speed. So I pushed it to 60 minutes. That is the longest I have run since my 1/2 marathon training days. Riding home from campus I felt like a million bucks. I even said a little prayer to thank God for my ability to push myself, for all the great people in my life, and for Tyler-that he could have a safe and strong run (he's training for the LA marathon).

Then I got home and found this.

I think my hubby is cute. And now the corner spot on the couch is calling. And I'm pretty sure I've earned it.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Yesterday the love of my life turned 26. My main goal was letting Tyler enjoy himself. Of course, he got spoiled.

After church I did the laundry and baked his birthday cake. I let him lick the bowl, beater and spatula. He loved it. I wrote this on his wall in case you missed it:


Right now you are laying on the couch in your underwear, watching football and licking the bowl & beater as your birthday cake bakes. Hope your day just keeps getting better. You are really cute. I love you. Happy Birthday my sweet.

...Your Wifey

For Tyler's final birthday celebration on his actual birthday we planned a special fiesta for Brady Family Dinner. Everyone helped me out a ton. Cindy hosted and also made food along with all the other attendees. It was a great Sunday.

I can't say enough about this man. He is wonderful and I don't deserve him. He is the cheese to my macaroni. I would be lost without him. Happy birthday my love. You are the best part of each and every one of my days.

yet another celebration

After we visited Jack we went out to eat for Tyler's Birthday, just the two of us. Of course there was a soccer game on so Tyler was happy we sat in the bar. El Torito always treats us well plus Tyler had a coupon for a free meal.

Do I have something in my teeth?

My first time trying flan... the gelatinous creation was surprisingly tasty


On Friday Jack jumped on a trampoline at "Sky High". Jack broke his leg.

He broke his tibia & fibula. This was the bad news we got as we ate our dinner. The ambulance took him to Hoag, then they transferred him to CHOC in mission viejo where he had surgery at 8 AM saturday morning. We went to visit him after he was out of recovery. When we walked in he was sleeping. I saw the tubes everywhere, heard the heart monitor. I felt so bad for him.
We had just come from Dana King's memorial service. It was a great service. Wonderful things were said. But it was an emotional day.
We hung out for a couple hours to keep him entertained. Tyler gave him advice on how to go to the bathroom with crutches. Apparently it isn't an easy task.

I am really proud of my brother. He has a very positive attitude considering his situation. I think this weekend reminded me that even though life throws lame situations, people, heartache or illness our way it's still important to smile. It stinks that bad stuff has to happen to remind me of things I need to change, but I am still grateful for the lesson. So I'm gonna get happy.

The Beginning

This weekend was a roller coaster. We started out here. Friday night at Angelo's & Vinci's. Dinner was yum. But during the meal I got a call from my big sis. My 15 year old broskie was at a bounce house/trampoline place and broke his leg. Great.

Wings for my Man

My parents always take the family out to dinner to celebrate every birthday. Tyler chose Buffalo Wild Wings. It was tasty indeed. There was some big football game on so every time there was something exciting happening people yelled, ooooed and awwwwed. I yelled along with them even though I had NO idea what the heck they were yelling about. It was great fun.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Cousin Jay turned another year older and his lovely wife Kristen planned a little sneaky surprise gathering at their apartment, which is like 50 steps away from our humble abode. We enjoyed andes mints brownies and the company of many lovely people.

This is Molly, cousin Janae's baby, she is too cute for words.

Wedding Party

I did not expect Tara & Jeff's wedding reception to be anything less than a rockin party. It was carnival themed. It was amazing. There was an in-n-out truck. There was cotton candy. There was dancing. I didn't want it to end.

P.S. That dress that I am wearing is my lovely vintage store find. I LOVE it.