Monday, January 3, 2011


Christmas day was SO nice. Although we missed Ty's parents we were glad to have a lazy Christmas day for the first time EVER. First we opened presents together at our apartment. Tyler did a great job. Especially with the wrapping. He wrapped each shoe in a different box to make it seem like I had more presents.

Then we headed to my parents house... where I had the pleasure of awakening my 15 year old brother. I forgot what a teenager's room smells like. Jack and I had each other for the sibling gift exchange. I think we both did a good job.

This Christmas I got an array of gifts that will help me to develop my hobbies. Tyler got me a Polaroid camera. LOVE it. My parents got me a Kitchen Aid mixer. A RED Kitchen Aid mixer. And a flash for my camera. My dad said it is the same one he has so I KNOW it's the best one money can buy. And with my bonus money from work I bought a sewing machine. I think it's about time I developed some talents and hobbies since for the last 18 years I have been doing all things pertaining to SCHOOL. So now that college is over I am set... and ready to do something with my time other than all things pertaining to school. Yessssss!!!

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