Monday, January 24, 2011


On Friday Jack jumped on a trampoline at "Sky High". Jack broke his leg.

He broke his tibia & fibula. This was the bad news we got as we ate our dinner. The ambulance took him to Hoag, then they transferred him to CHOC in mission viejo where he had surgery at 8 AM saturday morning. We went to visit him after he was out of recovery. When we walked in he was sleeping. I saw the tubes everywhere, heard the heart monitor. I felt so bad for him.
We had just come from Dana King's memorial service. It was a great service. Wonderful things were said. But it was an emotional day.
We hung out for a couple hours to keep him entertained. Tyler gave him advice on how to go to the bathroom with crutches. Apparently it isn't an easy task.

I am really proud of my brother. He has a very positive attitude considering his situation. I think this weekend reminded me that even though life throws lame situations, people, heartache or illness our way it's still important to smile. It stinks that bad stuff has to happen to remind me of things I need to change, but I am still grateful for the lesson. So I'm gonna get happy.

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