Wednesday, January 26, 2011

60 Minutes

After work tonight I went to have dinner with my broskie. He has been cooped up inside for the past few days due to the broken leg (see posts below for details) so the family decided to hit up chipotle to get him out & about.
After dinner (at a HUGE burrito) I decided to hit the gym (yesterday I registered as an alumni & purchased an annual pass to the csuf gym... cuz it is INSANELY amazing). I always have this mental debate as to how long I will stay on the chosen machine. Last night was a spin class (mad hard but totally fun by the way). But treadmill was the torture of choice tonight.
First I told myself... 45 minutes, then I said 50, once I started running I was down to 40, then 45, you catch my drift. But then I went back to 50, but when I got to 50 I was almost to 5 miles, couldn't stop then. So then some dude decided to choose the machine RIGHT next to me AND run at the same speed. So I pushed it to 60 minutes. That is the longest I have run since my 1/2 marathon training days. Riding home from campus I felt like a million bucks. I even said a little prayer to thank God for my ability to push myself, for all the great people in my life, and for Tyler-that he could have a safe and strong run (he's training for the LA marathon).

Then I got home and found this.

I think my hubby is cute. And now the corner spot on the couch is calling. And I'm pretty sure I've earned it.

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