Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Becoming something...

Saturday night Tyler, Danielle (my sister), and Kyle (my cousin) all went to a hip hop concert hosted by the local radio station power 106 fm. To say that I was disappointed in humanity is definitely an understatement. Not only were most of the performers cussing more than I knew humanly possible, there were people lighting up joints all around us. Now as I was planning on attending the concert it never occurred to me that this would happen, honestly I think I am just na├»ve to think that people would respect others and keep that to themselves, but instead my faith in society has been somewhat altered. It is sad to think that people cannot listen to music in a public arena without bringing drugs and alcohol into it. I could have done without the drunk, scantily dressed, dancing woman in her mid thirties who decided to whip out a joint while sitting right next to Tyler and I. It is so sad. I just wanted to see Chris Brown perform and what I got was something else. I came to the realization that society has changed a great deal and because of the standards that I have kept I haven’t been exposed to a lot of bad behavior. Yes, I know people do drugs and drink alcohol, but I haven’t been around it to that degree ever before. It made me really sad to think that so many have no standards at all. It made me really grateful for who my savior has helped me to become. I know I am far from perfect, but I am proud to not be the scantily dressed woman rubbing up against my drunk husband while looking like a total fool to the people around me.
The clencher was when one of the artists got up on stage and as an introduction said “I believe in God, do you?” It made me so sad to think that Heavenly Father is known and loved by so many yet they disregard everything he teaches us. Tears came to my eyes to think what that must be like. How could you love someone and believe in someone and not want to be like them? That is when the whole “accepting Christ as your Savior” kind of came together. So many people believe that as long as you accept him as your savior you are saved, but that is just not enough. We need to be like him, share his words, and help those around us. There is more to life than satisfying ourselves. Christ challenges us to become something…the question is: What have we chosen to become?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What the blog am I blogging about?

Hey there fellow bloggers. I just felt like communicating with the world of the internet. I am freaking excited for this week. Tomorrow my little sister graduates high school so my sisters, my mom, and I are all getting our nails done and setting up for the after party. I am so stoked for that! I am also getting my hair cut with Danielle on saturday morning so say goodbye to my long locks.
I got a new job... I am working at Censource (my dad's company) and I like it. I am learning new things and it is a breath of fresh air! I am really grateful for the things that I have been blessed with. A new job, good weather, a break from school, good grades last semester, good family and friends and a husband who loves and supports me and the list goes on and on. Of course, life is not always easy, but I am happy that I can always turn to my father in heaven when I need him. He saves me everyday.
Tyler and I are looking into buying a condo soon and we got to learn a lot about that in a workshop that we went to in inglewood on saturday. If all goes well we will get qualified for the loan and we can start looking for a new home! Our goal is to be in a place by december so I will let you all know what happens. I just can't help but smile when I think about a bigger closet that fits not only my clothes, but Tyler's too, a dishwasher, and maybe even a washer and dryer hookup and an attached garage! I would be living the dream... It is funny what you take for granted, but now that I am without those things I can't wait to have those luxuries once again and hopefully someday soon! :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I just wanted to share this with you... our wedding photographer made it on to the new tv show "get married" on lifetime and some of our engagement pictures were on the episode. I thought you might want to see it! I was really stoked when I watched it! If you go to Amelia's blog (www.Amelialyon.com) and get to the link to the website for "get married" you can search for amelia lyon photography (under local professionals in southern california) and underneath their picture there is a little icon that looks like a camera. That is where you can view their segment of the episode. The two pictures of us are: us laying on the grass and tyler kissing my cheek while we are basically standing inside a bush. The episode airs again on wednesday june 11th at 7:30 am if you want to tivo it or something!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The newest Rex... Dylan Riley Rex

Ryan (Tyler's Brother) and Kristen had their baby girl last night! We are so excited to see them in October for their wedding! It will be a sweet get away and we will get to see our new niece! We are so happy for them and can't wait to see them in a few months! Congrats!