Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Round 1

So since Tyler's parents and his sister Jessica are traveling out of state for Christmas we had "Christmas" early. Jessica and Mike made a wonderful meal and we all got to open presents. It was a great time. The nephews loved the Toy Story basketball hoop we got them.

Later that night we checked the mail and more gifts had come from Hawaii! Ryan and Kristen had sent us gifts and Kristen ended up having me for draw names this year. I suppose I could have waited for Christmas morning to open up my presents from her, but once you dangle presents in front of me I just can't control myself. She totally nailed it too... nice job Kris!

So that was of course round one of Christmas. Christmas Eve we will still party hop so that we can visit with cousins. And Christmas day will hopefully be much more enjoyable since we will not be driving back and forth all day.

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