Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thank Heaven

To celebrate my wonderful cousin Tiffany's birthday we decided to do a girl cousin night over at her and Kim's house and it was pretty fun. I ate way too much candy and drank way too much soda and I am pretty sure we all talked way too much. But that is what makes girls nights what they are. Too much of a lot of things. :) But the real story is about the 64 oz big gulps. I really wanted to get a big gulp so Tiff and I headed to 711 and found these super duper gulps. I laughed so insanely hard just filling it up! We had to get the super straw too which is about 12 inches long. It was hilarious and all the laughter was definitely worth the stomach ache and increased bladder activity. By the way... I never realized how many soda choices they have at 711. It is outstanding!!!


Neal & Wendy said...

this picture is seriously priceless.

Jessica Druck said...

like the new layout love! I think it's funny that the word verification is "binges" for this comment. So fitting...a 7eleven binge

Michael and Shelley said...

Big Gulps are the best!