Friday, July 13, 2012

my life in instagram

just some photos of life these last couple weeks. 

lately, things are busy around here. some change. some regularities. some heat wave. some a/c running. some family in town. some anxiousness/excitement. some trying to get back into a routine. some failing at establishing regular discipline due to summer laziness.

mr. rex is working ALL day (we're talking 8 am to 10 pm people) on saturday. 
maybe i should do something girly? maybe i should lounge in my pjs? all. day. long. only leave the house to pick up food, i mean let's get real here, who wants to cook for one? watch chick flicks or friends re-runs that aforementioned husband is sick of watching? take a nap an hour after i wake up?

hope your saturday is more eventful than mine! 

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