Friday, July 27, 2012

my life in instagram


life has been really full lately, great, but full.
lots of stuff going on with our friends and family.
lots going on with lots of other people that we get to be a part of. exciting, but a little overwhelming.
some highlights from these instagrams...

  • baking zucchini bread made it smell like fall in our cozy apartment. it made me wish i could wear my scarves, cardigans and boots. someday soon hopefully! i still hate dressing for summer. 
  • helping the grochmals re-organize their apartment in preparation for their new arrival. baby braden is coming soon! just a few more weeks. we are so excited for our dear friends to become parents. 
  • fun find from a craft store inspired me to make the cute chalkboard list. i love it. 
  • polaroid from emerson's 1st birthday party. love that he looks like us! kinda gets me really excited for a family photo of us with our own munchkin someday.
  • tyler's sister jessica and her husband mike officially adopted their 4th baby. a girl... baby scarlett jane. so happy for them.
  • matching outfits with tanne (on accident) at the adoption celebration party. 
  • cousin tiffany went to the newport beach california temple to receive her endowments. i love her so dearly and am so proud of her. honestly she is on my top 3 list of the women i want to be like. so kind. never rude and always cheerful. thank you for your continued friendship and example. tiffany you are a dream. i love you to pieces!

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