Thursday, July 5, 2012

operation majestic

shira turned 26 last friday. we decided to surprise her and crash what she thought was a romantic child-free weekend with just devin (don't worry, he was on board of course). we snuck up on them while they were smooching in the pool. she was totally surprised. my, how i love being sneaky. i love a good surprise, especially when it's for someone so special. 

the resort was gorgeous. i got to take a bubble bath. we ate like kings. i got to work on my tennis skills, i still have a ways to go. my freckles came out from all the sun. laying by the pool all day was amazing. the company was even better.

thanks devin and shira for letting us join in on the palm springs fun. we enjoyed every moment.  i can't wait to go back. it was just what we needed before the craziness of the events of the summer and work obligations.

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