Monday, July 2, 2012

photos from my birthday

my birthday was a great day. tyler and i woke up and exercised together, then he went to get bagels and brought home some pretty flowers too! we went to the temple where my cousin received his endowment in preparation for his mission. we are so proud of him. after the temple we socialized with family for a bit then snuck off to our favorite place for some dinner, houston's. it is definitely our go-to special occasion eating spot. at dinner i got to open my second present (the night before he let me open my onesie pj's).

i didn't know what to expect when i held it, it was pretty light and it literally felt like a piece of cardboard. when i opened it i couldn't believe what a thoughtful gift it was. it was a painting of the place he proposed. we had brunch at the restaurant with the red roof (las brisas) then walked down to the sand where his got down on one knee and busted out the diamond ring. 
when i realized what the painting depicted i immediately started crying. 
what a stinker. making me cry in public.

it is the best present he has ever given me. so thoughtful. so sweet. so precious. i told him i didn't care what he got me next year because this year was so beyond perfect. i really do have a wonderful husband who cares about me and loves me. i need to be more grateful... not everyone is so lucky to have a companion who is so faithful, kind and understanding.

thank you to everyone who made my 25th birthday a wonderful one. especially you tyler.

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Erin said...

what a great birthday present! love love love las brisas! your hubby is such a sweetheart! glad your birthday rocked!