Monday, May 19, 2014

35 week ultrasound

our 35 week ultrasound revealed that baby boy is weighing in at 7 pounds, with a head diameter of 9.5 centimeters and 81st percentile for growth. pretty big baby if all of that information is accurate. when i was born i weighed 10 lbs 6 oz and my mom's smallest baby was 8 something. tyler was over 9 pounds and his moms smallest baby was 8 something. i never figured it was in the cards for us to have a small child, but the reality of pushing out a 9 pound baby is closing in. and let me tell you, it is a little intimidating!

this ultrasound was something special though. now, he looks like a little person in there. the technician showed us that he has a lot of hair, which i love. she confirmed that he is in fact a he. and we got to look right at him. he is head down now, so a profile shot was hard to get, but he was facing my left hip and it was like he knew he was looking right at the camera! we saw him blink his little eyes and open his mouth and stick his tongue out. i was totally crying. that is my baby in there! he is already so so so precious and i cannot wait to kiss and snuggle him!

like i've said before, i am kind of sad that it's almost over. the ability to feel my baby move inside of me and take him with me everywhere i go is such an indescribable miracle. on may 31st it will be a year since my miscarriage. if you had told me on that sad day, that a year from now i would be so close to having a baby, i might not have believed you. i feel so blessed to have life growing inside of me, the ability to do so and i know it is a blessing straight from heaven.

now, i am at 37 weeks and the next few weeks are a waiting game. i'm like a ticking time bomb, no one knows when i'll blow! i have appointments every week and one final ultrasound scheduled for may 28th to check on baby's size. so many people have had their babies early as of late so i am trying to get everything ready just in case he decides to show up early. if he really is as big as they think he is, i wonder if he'll break my water. but really, who knows?! i just have to be ready. for now i try to be productive everyday, get prepared so i don't freak out and enjoy my freedom with tyler.

soon, the day will come for us to meet our son. i cannot tell you how thrilled we are. i have this image in my mind of tyler standing next to me, holding our son. i cannot wait for it to be real.

baby's profile

his cute chubby little hand

if you tilt your head to the side, you can see him looking at you!

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