Sunday, December 2, 2012


this year thanksgiving was spent at my parents home. we usually juggle both family dinners, but this year we chose not to. it kind of defeats the purpose of a "holiday" when you are rushing around and looking at your watch the entire time wondering when to make an exit. it was SO nice not doing that this year. the day was calm and relaxing and fun. exactly what it should be.

and who wouldn't want to spend the day with this little cutie? she didn't really want to color, she just wanted to throw the crayons all over the living room. fine by me!

also, what is the deal with the cranberry "sauce" from a can? it looks like jello. no thank you.

by the way... how adorable is this guy??? he is probably going to be mad at me for posting this, but i don't care. his cuteness kills me. he is the best. like really.

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Ashley and Blake said...

You look adorable! I want your entire outfit! And I actually really like the canned cranberry sauce, the smooth one! Haha!