Sunday, December 23, 2012

dinner and lights

every year we get together with lauren and hyrum and have a lovely meal together and drive around town looking at christmas lights. this year was great fun as always, complete with "lauren" chocolate chip cookies. that girl has a special touch i tell you, no one comes close.

usually we go to a neighborhood in brea. this year they had police patrolling the neighborhood and helping with the flow of traffic. word of advice... don't try to turn around by pulling into someone's driveway. if you do so, a motorcycle cop with a power trip with turn on his lights and sirens and make you turn right back around.

merry christmas to you too mr. policeman.

we didn't let our run in with the law stop us, we just decided to hit up candy cane lane in fullerton. it was so cute. they had a house with lights set to music on a certain radio station. it was really beautiful. we also went up into the hills and found a house with giant candy canes and fake snow machines! it was so very magical. i have a feeling my house might just look like that someday. i've gotta give clark griswald a run for his money.

i really love these people and i am so happy that we have kept up our tradition.

oh, and we saw a couple get engaged... he was playing the ukelele and serenading her while his friends played the maraca and the accordion. how sweet!

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