Monday, December 10, 2012

feels like christmas

 the decorations are up my friends. finally everything is complete. we don't have that much stuff, but it took a couple weeks to get everything set up, cleaned up and boxes put back in storage. but now we can enjoy. walking out the door in the morning is like torture. i just want to lay on the couch all day and gaze up at that beautiful tree! oh and it smells so delicious. by the way, does the in n out fry ornament make you hungry too? i got that at an ornament exchange last year and we love love love it.

there are a few new additions to our decor this year. the vintage candy dish with stars etched in the glass from my late great grandmother, the fun colored yarn garland from anthro, the other vintage candy dish from my other late grandmother - yes you do need two candy dishes per every 1 apartment, the advent calender crafted by yours truly and the christmas prints i found for free online! the only thing that cost anything was the garland from anthro, but that was on sale so i don't really feel bad about it.

i think my favorite thing is the advent calender. i just cut up left over paper from a past project, taped 24 squares on the wall and each day we add an activity to the calender. we came up with 24 christmas-ey things to do throughout the month and we pick one each day and put it on the calender. that way we aren't sitting around wishing we could have done more holiday fun during the month! we are loving this so far and i think it will be a tradition in our house!

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