Monday, June 14, 2010

Top Night!

This past weekend was a whirlwind of parties and celebrations. Friday night I threw my baby sister a bachelorette party! It was SO much fun! With my cousins (minus Janae who had given birth a few days before), sisters and Candice we all headed to CHOMP in downtown fullerton for some yummy food, went to JJ's Music Studio in La Habra to karaoke and then back to my apartment for dessert and presents. Let me just tell you... if you like Karaoke and you want to go to a nice place you HAVE to go to JJ's. It was amazing. Super nice private rooms with two mics, two books FULL of songs and two flat screens. Such a nice place and not bad prices. We all had SO much fun. I am posting pics only for now, but the videos are freaking hilarious. I am planning to make a video montage. So come back soon to check up on that post... you wont want to miss it!


Jessica said...

You should have been my maid of honor.

Amy said...

Haha... that would have been awesome, but I think I was like 8 when you got married! :)