Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dinner at the White House 5.7.10

Not THE white house, but the Anaheim White House.

My mom won a dinner with Ducks player Bobby Ryan at a Ladies Luncheon sponsored by the Ducks. Our whole family got to enjoy a 7 course meal. Every course was elegant, creative and delicious. If you are willing to splurge for a special occasion I definitely reccommend the anaheim white house. The owner, Bruno, also ate with us. He is a very kind man who does a lot of charity work through the Boys and Girls Club. He donated the dinner to the auction so the money that my mom paid for the dinner went to a charity. It was very fun to talk to Bobby like he was just a regular guy. He told us about his girl friend, about his contract and about his new bobcat/kittens (yah... they are super cute). I really enjoyed talking to Bruno and listening to funny stories about the other Ducks.

Thanks Mom and Dad for another great and memorable night!!!

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