Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ren's Birthday Celebration 5.27.10

One of my dearest friends, Lauren, turned 23 on 5.16.10. Because finals week fell on the week after her sunday birthday we had to put off the celebrations. We ended up going to Esther's for lunch, hanging by the pool, making pizza and hot tubbing. I love Lauren so much. She is one of the few friends from high school that I still spend time with. She is a wonderful lady who listens to all my venting each tuesday and thursday as we walk to class together. She and I just get each other and I am so glad she gets along with Tyler. I was always afraid that my friends wouldn't like my spouse, but with Lauren I have no worries. We can all hang out and we get along really well. Lauren is funny. kind. pretty. stylish. has great taste in music. and if she could be re-born in another era she would be a flower child. She is the ketchup to my mustard and I love her. Happy Birthday old friend!

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