Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mother's Day 5.9.10

Mother's Day this year was great. We had breakfast with Cindy and Judd, went to church, then headed to my parent's house to have dinner with my Mom.

I didn't get any pics with Judd and Cindy, but we had a great french toast breakfast and she loved her gift (we got her a really cute bird feeder for her newly landscaped garden). We are so grateful for Cindy and all she does for us. She is a great lady who loves us and always encourages us to do good things. I am grateful for her example.

For my mom, we made shish-ka-bobs (not sure about the spelling) and for dessert we had brownie ice cream sundaes. It was scrumptious! It was a wonderful day. We all worked together to make it a great evening. I love my mom so much. She is a really fun lady to be around and she is always willing to help others. I am grateful for her example and love. She is my mommy and I will always remember all she has done for me.

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