Saturday, October 4, 2014

4 months!

my rockwell is 4 months old!!! how is this happening so dang fast? sometimes i wish i could somehow remember everything so vividly, so i never forget how life is at this very moment. he is always learning something new and changing so quickly. here are a few things i want to remember about rockwell at 4 months...

  • this boy loves to wiggle
  • he giggles and smiles when we tickle him
  • he likes to play... i think he's going to be a little jokester
  • when i lift him up above my head he loves it
  • he gnaws on his fists like crazy
  • super drooly & the past week has had a runny nose, he's definitely teething
  • he is super smiley in the morning when we go get him out of his crib
  • he still sleeps in his swaddle & usually sleeps 8-10 hours a night
  • some nights he still wakes up to eat, but usually goes right back to bed
  • he sits in his bumbo & his beetle walker without looking like a bobble head 
  • he's started to do this moan/whine thing instead of just crying when he's cranky, which i actually prefer
  • he doesn't like his carseat all that much so he often cries while we drive
  • loves his baths and peed on me this week while i was bathing him, it was kind of funny
  • has gone in the pool a few times and loves being in his floatie
  • he's getting better at holding onto toys & getting them into his mouth. he's also really good at using his feet to grab his toys when he plays on his mat
  • bed time is my favorite time, he gets changed, swaddled and nursed and falls asleep in my arms. it's the best. i love having those quiet moments to hold my baby before i lay him down. i think i'll remember this the most when he's all grown up. 
  • even though some days are frustrating, there are so many wonderful things to be happy about and grateful for

most of all, we love him & we are so glad that he's here with us!!!

4 month stats:
weight: 16 lbs 4 oz (66%)
height: 27 inches (99%)
head circumference: 16 1/2 inches

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