Thursday, October 9, 2014

first time eating rice cereal

i cannot believe that rockwell is old enough to eat rice cereal. it seems like just yesterday he was placed in my arms for the first time! at his 4 month check up our pediatrician recommended that we try rice cereal once a day for the next couple months to get him used to eating with a spoon & the texture. it's exciting to see him experience things for the first time, but i am missing my little baby baby already! but really, this whole parenthood thing, i feel like i'm always excited about what's next, yet sad about the fact that he is growing up so fast. i guess i should just get used to it.

and alas, the photos of his first rice cereal experience... he really was happy most of the time, it was only at the end that he was hungry and frustrated with the fact that he couldn't just suck the food off the spoon. :)

sorry son, i had to post this photo, it's still so cute!

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