Friday, October 31, 2014

halloween 2014

happy halloween! since rockwell did trunk or treating at the church party, we didn't go door to door trick or treating, but we still did fun things during the day. we had a low key day... we carved pumpkins, played with brylee and enjoyed the cool fall weather. we ended the night with dinner at in n out with the loars. it was wonderful. we even managed to sneak in a tyler and amy only outing while rockwell took a  big afternoon nap! funny how running errands feels like a little getaway when you can spend time alone. as much as we love him, it's fun to have some adult time.

since brylee came to visit this weekend, we had to get some cousin shots! brylee helped me by posing for me so i get the lighting just right...

brylee was so funny with this phone. she would pretend to talk on it all afternoon and wouldn't let it go! she also was NOT a fan of the pumpkin guts. it was quite dramatic when she got any on her hands!

rockwell was our little sidekick, helping us by being well behaved and super cute of course. he is such a fun baby and he LOVES being outside.

the finished products... i love our tradition of carving pumpkins on halloween!

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