Tuesday, November 4, 2014

5 months old

i seriously cannot believe that i have a 5 month old! the time keeps going faster and faster. rockwell is a fun boy. he smiles and giggles more and more. he has become more interested in his toys and loves to sit in his beetle walker. he also has started to notice the tv a little more. sometimes i put on disney jr and he will actually watch it for a few minutes. although, i try not to do it too often. he rolls ALL over the place while he sleeps. sometimes he ends up sideways at the bottom of the crib... its so funny! he wakes up once a night to eat, around 4 am, and usually goes back to sleep until about 7:30 am. he started sitting in his stroller without the infant seat and he does well, sometimes he even falls asleep when we go on walks. he wears 6 month clothes now and i think he'll move into 9 month jammies in the next month or so. he isn't super rolly and chubby, just really long. he isn't really a fan of his car seat, he usually screams the entire drive, but occasionally he'll give his mom a break and play with his toys quietly. he is very curious and always enjoys a change of scenery. whenever i wear him in the ergo baby or solely baby wrap he is totally calm and happy and usually falls asleep. it's so precious!

i decided to be festive for his 5 month pictures. i think it was too much work for me. i prefer the simple route. brylee was visiting so she helped me set everything up. she loves rockwell so much. it is SO cute to watch her with him. i am SO excited to see how they play together when rockwell is old enough to keep up with her!

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