Friday, July 11, 2014

mister sunshine

rockwell is our world. we love him so much and are so thankful for the joy he brings to our family. we are a little family of three now and we are pretty happy about it. we were gifted this adorable onesie at our baby shower and i just couldn't resist taking some pictures of him in it with his shades! he is really the sunshine in our lives. when i go get him out of his crib, even if he's crying, i am happy to see him. and sometimes, after he's done eating and just about to fall asleep he smiles a perfect little smile. it melts me. i cannot wait for a month or two from now when he can smile at me on purpose, and his laugh, i cannot WAIT to see what that sounds like! even though the newborn stage is really tough while we all figure everything out, it really is special. and there are SO many more amazing things to look forward to.
the future is bright folks!

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