Saturday, July 5, 2014

happy fourth

our fourth of july was so great this year. we had a low key morning and headed out to spend time with the rex's in the afternoon. we ended up at the park and got to visit with family and some good friends. rockwell did great, got a little fussy just before the fireworks started, but ended up falling asleep and sleeping through all the noise. it was so nice to sit on the grass next to tyler while cuddling my sweet son and watch the fireworks show. last year for the fourth we were at the rex reunion in utah, it was raining, we didn't watch any fireworks and i was still recovering from my miscarriage. my how a year can change things. if only you could have seen my grin tonight as i looked into the sky and watched those fireworks light up the california sky. i was a happy, happy girl.

happy birthday america, i really love you!

oh and how cute is rockwell in his little (3 month size!!!) patriotic outfit? thanks aunt julia for giving it to us! it was perfect!!!

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