Thursday, July 3, 2014

father's day

i bought tyler this onesie for his birthday this year. i was so excited to put rockwell in it for tyler's first father's day! i love my boys. they are the cutest! father's day was nice and low key this year. tyler's dad came over and visited with us for a little while and we gave him his gift, we went on a walk with my dad and then had dinner with my family. it was nice to have company and to spend some time outside of the house and get some fresh air.
to see tyler take on the role of father has been really amazing. he is so good with rockwell and i love watching them together. sometimes parenthood is hard and we get tired and frustrated, but we love our son and he makes us so happy. we talk about how cute he is and how we can't wait for him to grow up and see what his personality is like. each day we try to do something outside the house and most of the time we can. for the most part it's been really great. for now, we are all just figuring each other out and loving it.

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