Wednesday, July 23, 2014

my life in instagram, starring rockwell

life with rockwell is kind of awesome. it is really hard sometimes, but really really great too. he is now 7 weeks old and smiling more and more. he doesn't really like tummy time, but he is super strong. he pulls his neck up and kicks his legs a ton. he is eating like a champ and although i haven't weighed him, the fact that he is in 3 month clothes and size 2 diapers reassures me that he is gaining the proper amount of weight. he is occasionally gassy/fussy, but for the most part he is a really good kid. we have been blessed with a few good blowouts, which is just how it goes with little babies. he usually takes a nice big afternoon nap and sleeps in 3-4 hour chunks. the last couple nights he has slept 6 hours in a row, which obviously i am thrilled about. having uninterrupted sleep for longer than 2 hours is amazing! i cannot believe how good it feels. i think i just forgot what it was like to actually get the proper rest my body needs. so thank you son, you are an angel!

basically we are in love love love with this little boy. he is the center of our universe, just as he should be. everyday we get better and better at being a family and figuring each other out. this parenthood thing really is a wild and crazy ride, but i would not trade it for anything in the world!

a few pictures from instagram as of late...

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