Saturday, July 5, 2014

one month

this boy is one month old today! i am so grateful to my heavenly father for trusting me with this precious spirit. rockwell is the perfect addition to our family and i cannot imagine what life would be like without him. i am so tired sometimes and i cannot wait for the day when i sleep for 6 hours straight,  but the perfect moments with rockwell in my arms are priceless and irreplaceable. this last month of our lives have been a whirlwind and a joy.
today especially i remember this post i wrote years ago. today i rocked my baby to sleep as the breeze came through the window. i remember longing for the very moments i am experiencing so often these days. i need to remember that when things get hard. i waited years and years to become a mother and i am so blessed to be in this place with tyler and rockwell.
we are a family. i have a son. we are healthy. the sun is shining. life is good.

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