Thursday, May 31, 2012


i met up with shira & kimberly and their kiddos at the park on my day off last week. my how funny it is to watch these kids play together. brylee went on the swing for the first time and she actually liked it. it was quite hilarious might i add. brylee stuck her tongue out as her hair flowed in the wind. brekyn grunted for food as we sat together on the blanket. colton wanted his "monny" to play with him the entire time. 
i love being around these people. 
i love watching these kids grow. 
i love being able to picture myself doing the same thing with my very own crazy baby someday!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the quakes

last week we had the pleasure of going to see the san jose earthquakes play the la galaxy. our friend stephen lenhart plays for the quakes and we saw him play up in san jose last spring and it was great, but the energy down here in so cal is so awesome since we sit with all his family and friends. it's like this big bubble of stephen fans and we could all feel the energy. 
stephen scored. everyone gawked at beckham. we waved our banner proudly for stephen. 
the earthquakes won.

oh and my salt water sandals arrived in the mail. i LOVE them.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

our weekend

this weekend was wonderful. it included the following...
the avengers.
girl time.
sleeping in. 
holding brylee while she slept. 
karaoke for greg's birthday.
danielle's cake.
sweet spiritual moments at church.
family dinner with the darrow sisters. 
hanging at steph's new embroidery shop. 
fourth meal at in n out. 
yoloing more than we have ever yolo-ed before. 
snuggling in bed for hours. yes, hours
perfect weather. 
lunch on the patio. 
shopping at anthro & urban for me. 
shopping at adidas for him. 
what to expect. 
pizza hut. 
oreo milkshakes. 

it was a great weekend. it was just what we needed.

 in case you didn't know, the last month has been rough for me. 
i guess if it can't get better i just hope it doesn't get any worse. things with work. things with friends. things with tyler's job search. things with family. ugh. i just wonder if Heavenly Father thinks he has given me enough yet. i sure hope so. but maybe not. i just have to keep moving forward.
i have the knowledge that every trial i go through makes me stronger. i know that it is happening to me for a purpose. so that i can learn. so that i can be a better person. i don't know if that knowledge makes things easier, but i feel like it does. maybe. 
because of these things i have been a lot closer to the spirit. i listen to a lot of conference talks. i cherish those moments at church when the spirit touches my heart. i cherish the moments with friends and family who make me feel better, who truly care about me & tyler. i cherish tyler & the love he shows me. when everything else around you seems to be tumbling down, when it seems that all is lost, that is when you see who is there for you. that is when you see how much you still have. 
my hope is that the month of june brings about less sorrow and more joy. less frustration and more excitement. less tears and more smiles & laughter.
i am grateful for the blessings that i have. the blessings that have come to me, maybe because of my trials, over the past few weeks. i could not make it through without the guidance from the spirit, the ability and privilege to pray, inspiration from leaders, friends and family. 
and definitely tyler. how bare my life would be without him. 
he is my rock. he is my peace. he is my love.  
 the last few weeks have made me think of a quote i love from Gordon B. Hinckley...
"grant us faith to look beyond the problems of the moment 
to the miracles of the future"
if the level of suckiness of the "moment" has anything to do with how amazing the miracle is in the future... 
i am due for something pretty darn good.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

take a ride with me

saturday was a wonderful day. we slept in. had our traditional morning smoothies. rode our bikes to the richard nixon library. and rode our bikes to pieology for a lunch date. 
the weather was fantastic. sunny with a cool breeze. 
completely perfect bicycle riding weather.
i even made out with a bit of a sunburn. good because i'll get a little color, bad because i know i should have been smart and put on sunscreen! i guess i'm still not in spring/summer mode yet.
if you haven't stopped in to pieology yet you've got to try it. it is a build your own pizza-kind of like what chipotle is for burritos-place. you get to choose anything & everything you want.
try it. love it.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

things i love: bath time

i thought you might enjoy these insanely adorable photos of miss brylee. my goodness. how does she just continue to get cuter and cuter? she is so darn funny. i can't wait until she can talk to me and tell me what is on that mind of hers. with parents like that she is just bound to have me bursting with laughter. 

hope this made your day a little better, i know it did the trick for me!

Monday, May 21, 2012

nothing bundt wonderful

we had a rex family farewell party for the olsen family over the weekend. to say that i will miss these people is an understatement. we have SO loved having them with us down in southern california and have enjoyed spending time with them on holidays, special occasions & date nights. it has been fun having some more rex's down here. 
it was a great night. great weather. good company. delicious food. and a nothing bundt cake. the most moist cake you will ever eat. i promise. i'm so glad lauri is addicted, but now i'm afraid i am too!
thank you dan & lauri for hosting such a great get together! we love you olsen's!