Thursday, May 3, 2012

let me explain

 folks, i got my new iphone 4S yesterday. i am loving it. i especially love that my case came in the mail today so i didn't have to let it go naked any longer. i love it. i had the choice to order it with or without the text box. i decided i wanted a little something special as a reminder. a reminder of the person i want to be. a reminder of nie nie and the book she wrote that changed my perspective on life, love and motherhood. 

sometimes it is extremely easy for me (and i'm sure many others) to get competitive with other people. whether those competitors are our friends, family, strangers, models, 
you name it...
but surprise, surprise, life is not supposed to be like that. we need to support each other and look for the good in one another. i always seems to see what others are accomplishing or what they have or how they look and see nothing but weakness in myself. 

but it's your heart that matters most. strip everything else away. 
take away all the things that really don't matter at the end of the day.

nie says if you have a beautiful heart you will have a beautiful life.
i believe that. 
 it's not your clothes, your face, your dress size, your bank account.

... it's your heart.

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