Tuesday, May 1, 2012


happy tuesday! today i greet you with a little project that i had going on around these parts recently. i have been fighting the urge to re-hang all of our frames lately. i have just felt like what i did a few years ago when we first moved in isn't really me anymore and i wanted to change it. i kept putting it off since i didn't know when we would be moving, but i decided i didn't care if we were here for only a few more months, i would be happy with my walls with the rest of our stay here. thus, my day off last week was consumed with putting my new prints in the frames, painting old frames and using my new technique that i adapted from here. 

first i measured the wall and decided how much space i wanted to use. then i cut my butcher paper to that size. next i laid out my frames and changed the arrangement around until i found the right mix. then i traced around each frame and marked where the nail hole would be. next i taped the paper on the wall and adjusted it a few times, until it was straight and centered. then i began hammering. after all the nails were in the wall i ripped the paper off and hung my photos.

i have to admit, i am pretty proud of myself. i did it all by myself and with my indecisive little heart i usually need another person's input, but i did it all by my lonesome. it was a very long process. trying to figure out which prints and photos were really wall worthy, cleaning up old frames that had sat under my bed for a couple years, and measuring each and every nail hole for each and every frame. but i have to say it was worth it. i am very happy with the turn out and the little changes i have made have made the apartment brighter and much more me.

the sum of all my hardwork... re-hanging on the wall above the couch, re-organizing the shelf and moving the clock to that wall, adding the "don't be afraid..." print to the bike wall, re-purposing other frames for the coat hanger, moving the door knob hook to use for aprons, adding a cake stand to hold wildflowers and old anthropologie candle jar, and adding more art to my walls (i found some free prints online).

my favorite pieces... the photo of tyler proposing, the (free) print of a boy & girl sitting in a tree... umm SO me and tyler!, the square wood art that our best man regan made for us (pictured in the large grouping underneath the ny print), the canvas prints i made using the tutorial from a beautiful mess and my grandmother's lace table cloth. adding these personal touches to our home has just made it feel more warm and cozy. i love being a home maker and being able to re-purpose things that i already have lying around the house. my little makeover cost me zero dollars. that feels pretty good!


Jeff and Kira said...

I'm so impressed! ALL of it looks so perfect! You have great taste!

Thrift Store Addict said...

I LOVE your house! Little did I know that what I saw last night was newly redecorated! You have great style and make me want to rearrange things in our apartment.