Monday, May 14, 2012

beach day with the olsen's

you might remember the olsen family from this post

even before i met christina i loved her. i remember talking to her on the phone when tyler and i were engaged. she made an effort to get to know me even before we were married. she is tyler's cousin and she was very pregnant with ava when we got married so she couldn't come down for the wedding. when they moved to LA for justin to attend dental school at usc we were so excited. 
this weekend we met them at the beach to celebrate justin's graduation and also to spend some time with them before they move across the country. our last beach day with the olsens. what a treat it was to have them all to ourselves, but what a sad day it will be when we can't just hop in the car and party in the city!
over the last four years we have grown to love these four so dearly and i really cannot imagine life without them. christina is a wonderful example to me & i love being around her. she is just the sweetest. justin is hilarious and such a hard worker. being a father of two and dominating dental school is hard work! and yara and ava are the cutest, sweetest, prettiest little girls. i have loved seeing them grow up. i can't believe how big they are getting! 
at the end of the month they will be moving on to washington, d.c. where justin will do his residency in oral surgery. we are so proud of him! we wish them all the happiness in the world in their new home. as you know, we love d.c. so we will be visiting as soon as we can! spring just isn't the same without a trip to see the cherry blossoms. 
we love you olsen family and we are so excited for your new adventure out east. 

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justin said...

Those are kind words... If I need someone to write my obituary, your name will be in the running :)

Have a great week