Friday, April 27, 2012

ladies night


as you can see from the mess on the table above girls night was a success. there is really nothing like hanging with the ladies that know you better than anyone else. i am so lucky to have had these ladies (and a few others who couldn't make it) as my sisters growing up. we were all born within a few years of each other and have seen each other through a lot of good and bad over the years. i know it is cliche, but i really cannot imagine who i would be without these wonderful women. and a special thank you to our parents who so lovingly put up with all of the girl cousin sleepovers for years and years. i know it was probably a headache most of the time. but the memories we were able to make still live on as we get older and have little girls of our own (which a few of us already have!). i am so excited for the next generation to make fun memories too! 

happy friday everyone! we are heading to LA for a dodger game! can't wait!

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Paige + Blake said...

looked like such fun!
I want Brylee's hair