Monday, April 16, 2012

hiking with the girls

last week, while my mom was out of town, papa went on a hike with his girls. it was a gorgeous day and brylee loved her first ever hike. granted, all she had to do was hang there while enjoying the view. nevertheless, it was great fun for all of us, especially since we knew brylee girl was having such a good time. by the way, whenever she makes the face photographed below my heart literally melts. she is too cute for words.


Wendy and Neal said...

Where do you guys hike? Looks beautiful! Neal and I have been wanting to start taking the kids on more adventures. Looks like a great place to try!

Amy Rex said...

we park at anaheim hills elementary school and get on the trail on the side/back of the school. it's a really great place to take the kiddos! we used to hike there when we were little and we would bring picnic lunches... so fun.

Kelly said...

That 7th picture down of Brylee on your dad's back is TO DIE FOR!!! Oh that smile just made me so happy... I love it!