Wednesday, April 25, 2012

easter sunday

on easter sunday we went over to my parents house to have dinner and an easter egg hunt. the dinner was killer. dad really out did himself... juicy prime rib. best we have ever had. mom spoiled little brylee with an easter basket full of goodies. she looked so dang cute in her bathing suites. and we played a friendly game of headbanz. super funny. you don't know what is written on your card and you have to ask yes or no questions to try to guess what or who you are. it gets hilarious. i especially enjoyed tyler's card this time around. 
hope your easter was wonderful. 


Kelly Wright said...

Amy, you are a classic beauty! I love that first pic! Your children and grandchildren are going to look at pictures of you from this age and say how beautiful you are and they'll probably try to find attributes they are hoping they got from you. Seriously.

My children are probably going to thank me for being an example of why you should always wear sunscreen because I already have wrinkles. :)

Amy Rex said...

Kelly, you are too sweet. And you are quite the beauty also!!! Your girls are lucky to have such a great gal for a mom! :)