Thursday, April 19, 2012

may 1st is a special day

this blessed day will be momentous. this day will probably change my life forever. this day is one i have waited for for a very long time. this day is the day i will become a proud owner of an iphone.
now for some this event may seem ever so ordinary, not for me. i have been patiently (and sometimes not so patiently) waiting for the right time to make the commitment that goes with a fancy "smart" phone. for so long it just didn't seem to bother me that my phone was less than exciting. here i am less than two weeks away. my contract is up and i will not be accepting the free phone this time. this is it folks. the moment i have been waiting for. i am SO incredibly excited. now i have to decide which case to get and order it so that i can slap it on the moment i walk out of the sprint store.

i really like the casetagram (pictured below)... you take your favorite instagram photos and create a case, but i would have to wait a while before i could do that for obvious reasons. but i guess my phone could stay naked for a while... i might just save that for my second case. then there are the classic polka dot cases. this is just so exciting i don't know how to choose!

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Brett said...

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