Friday, April 20, 2012

i miss you already

early this morning tyler left for the ragnar. it is a relay with a team of 12 runners, over 200 miles, huntington to coronado, 2 vans,  3 legs for each runner. you basically live out of a van for 36 hours. it is pretty gnarly. we did it last year, but i decided to opt out this year. 

so i got him all packed. he was, of course, slightly irritated with my monica-like packing, organizing and planning. but it is who i am, i like taking care of people. so i sent him off with lots of water, nourishment & of course a toothbrush (he definitely would have "forgotten" that one if i hadn't put it in his bag).  i even saw some runners on my way to work, i have to admit, it made me sad that i wasn't participating this year.

it's really interesting how this goes, we have only been apart over night twice during our marriage, once when i went on a rex ladies weekend and once when he went camping with his cousins. each time i eagerly look forward to doing girly things, watching sappy movies, eating things he doesn't like and just having some "me" time. and each time as the time comes for us to say our goodbyes i get sad & don't want to be apart.

truth is i love this manly man & i want to be with him every second of every day. even if i'm mad at the kid i never want to be away from him. he is my best friend and the only person i can be completely myself around. he knows me better than anyone else does and i love waking up next to him everyday and cuddling next to his warm body. i love him to pieces and i'm going to miss him when he is away. 

to ease my sorrows i am trying to keep myself occupied. i am looking forward to a weekend of girliness. girl cousin night is tonight & i've got a baby shower to attend tomorrow. 

the following may or may not occur this evening:
-the watching of footloose, first wives club or the women
-double gulps containing none other than special soda
-eating candy until we are nauseous
-a dance party
-smothering brylee with kisses (it's her first girl cousin night!)

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Whit said...

Go Tyler! Wish I could join in the girl cousin night fun! It's so depressing always missing out BUT I will just have to live through your blog! :) love you!